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Rai-Lynn Trucking Ltd.


5613 Len Thompson Drive

Lacombe, Alberta T4L 2H3

Team Members

Meet the Rai-Lynn Trucking Team.

Message from the President, Fred Baehl

As founder and president of Rai-Lynn Trucking Ltd. my goal, from the beginning, has been to provide the best possible safe experience in the rig moving industry, including excellent and complete customer satisfaction. Our future here at Rai-Lynn Trucking Ltd. is bright and we look forward to bringing the latest and newest innovative technologies to the rig moving industry and are always looking for ways to improve our services. We lead by example. I would like to recognize the team that we have assembled here at Rai-Lynn Trucking Ltd., the drivers, truck pushes, owner-operators, safety staff, office staff, management, dispatch and our shop repair technicians as their dedication goes beyond the call of duty. I appreciate their continued support in striving to improve all aspects of our business, including safety compliance. Safety is a huge reason for our continued success! Everyone here at Rai-Lynn Trucking Ltd. is dedicated and committed to making Rai-Lynn Trucking the best rig moving company in the industry!

Kurtis Baehl, Operations Manager

Kurtis offers 14+ years’ experience in the Oilfield Transportation Industry, starting first operating water and vac trucks, then onto rig moving, running winch tractors and bed trucks. Kurtis joined the Management Team as a Dispatcher in 2011, and in 2015 took over as Contract/Bid Manager.

Colleen Degenhardt, Safety Advisor

Colleen joined the Rai-Lynn Trucking Ltd. team in October 2013, bringing with her 35+ years of oilfield and rig moving experience. Colleen is well-versed in all aspects of the rig moving industry from bidding the job to coordinating the trucks to operations. Rai-Lynn trucking Ltd’s dedicated and experienced team delivers consistency in offering our customers safe, cost-effective rig moves.

Adam Giles, Water/Vac Manager

Adam began his career with Rai-Lynn Trucking Ltd. in 2004; he began as a driver hauling water for 8 years. During those 8 years, Adam worked road construction, ice roads and drilling rigs. Adam progressed into the operations side of the industry in 2012, where he currently is the Manager and controls a fleet of 13 trucks of which include: 9 Water Trucks, 2 Vac Trucks and 2 Tankers.